Bong Spear - Make a Bong on the Go!

When you need a bong on the go, the Bong Spear is perfect. The bong spear allows you to build your own bong out of everyday things like bottles and cans, really anything you can get your hands on to fill with water.

picture of a pumpkin You can use pop bottles, gallon and half gallon milk or orange juice jugs. Once you are done smoking all you have to do is throw away the bottle and put the Bong Spear in your pocket and go. You don't have to carry around a huge bong anymore. Even if you have a relatively small bong it is going to be hard to carry around. All you need is to have your bong spear and you are ready to build a water bong. You don't have to try to build your own bong out of toilet paper roll and tin foil anymore. You don't have to go digging through the junk drawer to find glue and pens and tape.

No more trying to melt plastic and then crossing your fingers trying to take a hit and finding out that the last hour, of you trying to put your bong together, it was a complete failure.

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Bong Spear - Discover the Benefits!

With the bong spear it is very easy to build your own bong. All you do is poke the pointed end of the bong spear in a plastic bottle and smoke. There is no need to try to seal the hole; the way the bong spear is designed you get a perfect seal every time.

At one end of the bong spear you have your bowl and at the other end you have a pointed tip, almost like a hypodermic needle but on a larger scale. The tip is made of ultra strong and lightweight aluminum; it won't get dull or break. There are 2 different pieces to the spear. The bowl and the point separate so you can unscrew the top and clean the spear and the bowl.

It's now easier than ever to take your bong on the go and make your own bong out of whatever you want. Your bong making skills are only going to be limited by what you can think up. You never have to go without smoking. If you are on the road you can take your bong on the go and hit it when you want. You can always stop at a rest station and grab a bottle of pop out of the vending machine, quench your thirst and build and plastic bottle bong . Only $14.95 Plus Shipping

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