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Bong Spear - How to make your own bong

The bong spear has brought versatility to the bong. A bong spear allows you take everyday bottles that you would buy at the store with your favorite soda and allows you to hit a bong on the go. No more will you have to haul around a bong wherever you go or even settle for a pipe hit.

The bong spear revolutionizes the mobility of a bong and provides you with a great hit.

Remember the days of having build pipes out of tin foil and bubble gum? The bong spear allows you to easily make a bong quickly and easily. You don’t have to dig in your dad’s toolset and find a socket; connect it to a pen case with tape.

Then have to melt a perfect hole in a 2 liter and try to fit the pen case down in it, praying the whole time that the thing is even going hit or not leak.

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The bong spear allows you to puncture a perfect whole in the side of any plastic bottle, load a bowl and enjoy a hit.

Bong spear benefits

Bong Spear - make a bong from a plastic bottle The end of the bong spear is an ultra sharp tip in the form of a giant needle. The tip is made of metal so it is ultra durable. The tip won’t dull or damage. The bong spear comes in two separate pieces, the bowl and the spear itself.

The spear separates for easy cleaning, this means that you can actually use the liquid that you have in the container i.e. pop or juice. The bong spear also has 3 percolator wholes built into the side of it so no matter what you are using to smoke with you are going to get the best hit possible.

Anything is possible with this new bong spear. You can use it to smoke out of 20 ounce, 1 liter, 2 liter and 3 liter bottles. You can puncture through the bug 5 gallon water cooler jugs and take super hits. The bong spear can go through any type of plastic you can imagine.

You can even make a bong with your favorite sports drink bottle. The beauty of the spear is that your bong making skills are only limited to your imagination.

The bong spear is ultra concealable as well, you can easily dispose of your plastic bottle and pocket the spear. If your spear gets clogged just unscrew the bowl and grab your favorite cleaner, or just heat it up, the bong spear is durable and can take a lot of usage and regular cleaning.

Water pipe Spear

Bong Spear features

Water pipe Spear

How to build your own bong

How to use Water pipe Spear
To use the bong spear just grab your favorite drink, soda bottle or sports drink. It really doesn’t matter the type of plastic bottle just grab one. You can either empty the contents or leave them in there it is really personal preference.

You are going to want your liquid level to be below the bowl on the spear, otherwise you are going to get liquid in your bowl. Poke the bong spear right into the side of the bottle so that the tip is submerged in the liquid. Once you have the spear in the bottle simply load the bowl with your favorite smoking product.

You would hit the bottle like any other bong; you can make a carb for added accessibility to the smoke. All that you would do to make the carb is just stab the bong spear it the side near the top of the bottle and pull it out before making your hole into the liquid. Hit your new bong and enjoy!

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